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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Plants And Succulents

The Foundation Of Green Dews Is Started From Blessings Of Spiritual Guide Shree Parthsarthi Rajagopalachari (Former President Of SRCM). The Goal Of Green Dews Is Based On An Idea Of Work Towards Clean And Green Planet. 

Our Vision

In 2011 Green Dews Intended To Work on Rural Development Through Eco Friendly Practices In The Field Of Agricultural Development. In That Study We Come To Know That There Is No Availability Of Heirloom Seeds In Villages, No Infrastructure And Knowledge Of Holistic Approaches Towards Sustainable Agriculture, There Is No  In Dependency Of Farmers Towards Holistic Techniques (Waste Management Of Farms, Mixed Farming, Required  Live Stock For Farms (Jeev Se Vanaspati Vanaspati Se Jeev)) And Local Resource Management. After This Study, Green Dews Understood The Difference Between Organic Farming And Natural Farming. Where Organic Farming Is Based On Market And It Is For Self Development Only Where Natural Farming Is Sustainable And Based On Local Resource Management, Heirloom/Native Vegetation, Mixed Farming/Mishrit Kheti, It Makes a Farmer Independent, Pest Management Without Or Minimum Harm To Insect, Balanced Live Soil. 

Right Now Green Dews Is Working In The Field Of Collection And Sodhana/Refinement Of Heirloom Seeds From Around The World, Studying In The Field Of All Type Of Organic Waste Management (Farm Waste, Live Stock Dead Bodies Management), Self Cleaning Organic Ponds, Improvement In Water Levels Through Native Vegetation And Best Ways Of Rain Water Management, Concept Of Mini Forests In Villages Based On Native Vegetation Only, Natural Constructions In Villages, Ancient Construction Product (Breathable Eco-Friendly Mortar), Advantage Of Maximum Live Mini Pond, Role Of Termite In Nature, Role Of Pests And Insects In Agriculture, Traditional Tribal Agriculture Practices Towards Sustainable Development.
Well Green Dews Believes In Zero Budget Farming Along With Heirloom/Native Vegetation. It Is Our Temptation To Help Them To Aware Towards Zero Budget Farming But It Is Not Easy For Urban Gardeners.

Our Team

Meet our passionate Co-founders of Green Dews. Taking forward the mission of Clean and green Planet in Right direction with all the positive energies from the spiritual guide Shri Parthsarthi Rajagopalachari.

Our Work Area

 All Green Dews Products Belongs To Urban Gardeners Only To Make Their Gardening Easy And Eco-Friendly And To Make Them Self Reliant In Producing Their Own Needs Of Nutrition Through Vegetable Farming At Terrace Garden, Home Garden Even In Balcony Garden. Green Dews Manufactures Traditional Hand Woven Furniture, Eco-Friendly Pots And Planters & Natural Fertilizers/Manures And Natural Fertilizer Extracts. Natural Fertilizer Extracts Replaces Use Of Lot Of Composts, Gives Durable Results, Impacts In Taste Of Fruits And Vegetables, Larger Shiner Leaves And Flowers, Strong Rooting. We Can Not Add Much Compost In Already Potted Plants What Is Already Filled By Potting Soil Where Our Liquid Manure Extracts Fertilizer Is a Easiest And Fastest Way To Provide Nutrition To Garden Plants. Our All Fertilizers Are Being Manufactured Without Or with Minimum Use Of Machines At Farms With Multi Level Process To Get Complete Decomposed Manures. And These Decomposed Manures Passed Through Multi Level Process To Reduce the Volume Of Fertilizer And to remove All Unnecessary Fibers, What Is Easy To Ship, Cost Effective And Competitive To Chemical Based Fertilizers. All Fertilizers Raw Material Comes From Vegetation And Farms (Pond Based Farms And Vegetation, Ocean Vegetation, Highly Nutritious Fruits And Flowers From Non-Gmo Vegetation).

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